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In our continued effort to provide our members with innovative tools to support your success, we are pleased to announce Paragon Affiliate Connect. Paragon Affiliate Connect is a powerful and collaborative tool that connects brokers, real estate agents, affiliates, buyers, and sellers throughout the home buying and selling process. This means more qualified leads, impactful branding, and a more streamlined customer experience.


This is a unique opportunity for you to develop and strengthen your affiliate connections. You will no longer need to carry around a bunch of business cards for the affiliates you work with, you can now have access to them directly from your Paragon system. You will be able to connect and communicate with your affiliates to strengthen your partnership. You will be able to automatically send them key notifications on your listing and buyer activity. Your consumers will be able to view your affiliates through customized branding blocks directly from their Collaboration Center.


Benefits for Brokers

  • Promote affiliates (including broker owned affiliates like Title and Lenders or Home Warranty and Insurance) to their agents in the MLS and consumers of the agent in the Collab Center.

  • Brokers can connect trusted affiliates at the office level for their agents

  • Provide integrations for agents to order services from affiliates within the MLS

Benefits for Agents

  • Agents decides what information to share with the affiliate, such as new listings, status and price changes and buyer information

  • Agents can connect with affiliates and create a digital version of their trusted partners

  • Agents can communicate with the affiliates that they are connected to via the MLS

  • Agents can also choose not to expose the affiliate(s) to the consumer in the Collab Center

  • Consumers can see the affiliates that their agent is partnered with inside the Collab Center

  • Agents can order services from affiliate partners their brokerage has connected them with

  • Share affiliate partners with their consumers from the MLS (office level or agent level affiliates)

  • Search for potential new affiliate partners via the MLS


Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity, which is included as part of your dues, to receive qualified leads and insightful data while providing a more streamlined experience for your clients. Paragon Affiliate Connect is also part of Paragon’s Collaboration Center, a mobile-optimized portal which provides affiliates with additional consumer engagement opportunities with homebuyers and sellers.

Paragon® Affiliate Connect is a first-class solution from Black Knight that offers a unique opportunity for affiliates to develop and strengthen real estate agent connections, build their brand, and secure high-valued prospects early in the real estate transaction process. Integrated directly with the Black Knight Paragon® MLS platform, Paragon Affiliate Connect proactively monitors an agent’s listing and buyer activities. When key transaction events occur, such as listing status, price changes, buyers selecting their favorite properties or making an offer, the solution automatically notifies the affiliate in real time. By sending highly qualified leads in real time to agents early in the home-buying process, Paragon Affiliate Connect gives them the right data to engage with the home buyer at the right time. In addition, Paragon Affiliate Connect is part of Paragon’s Collaboration Center, a mobile-optimized portal that provides affiliates with additional branding and consumer engagement opportunities with homebuyers and sellers.

Benefits for Affiliates:

  • Affiliates will have a dedicated dashboard that is linked to the MLS

  • Affiliates can connect and communicate with Brokers and Agents to strengthen their partnership

  • Affiliates will receive key notifications on listing and buyer activity of their connected agents

  • Affiliates will be able to put their branding out in front of the consumers in the Collaboration Center

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