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As a benefit to our members, Bridge AOR’s Government Affairs team provides up to date information and advocacy on real estate related legislation in our jurisdiction.  They monitor state and federal issues to keep our members current with legislative developments that affect the real estate industry. The Government Affairs team also acts as a liaison between Bridge AOR and the numerous elected officials in our jurisdiction.  By forming and strengthening relationships with local and regional elected officials, they make sure that Bridge AOR always has a seat at the table.  


The Government Affairs team is comprised of our Local Government Relations Committee, Local Candidate Recommendation Committee, and Government Affairs Director.  Together, they provide policy positions and advise Bridge AOR’s Board of Directors on local legislation and elections.  The team also organizes informational events, meet-and-greets with elected officials and panel discussions with local government staff to ensure Bridge AOR members stay informed.

If you are interested in promoting homeownership, protecting property rights and supporting REALTOR® issues, always remember there are three things all REALTOR® members can do:   VOTE, ACT and INVEST.

VOTE: Stay informed and register to VOTE. As election season nears, Bridge AOR will keep you informed of ballot measure positions and on candidates that understand REALTOR® issues.


ACT: Respond to Red Alerts from the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) and calls for action from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). They need your help in combatting state or national legislation that is bad for the real estate industry.  They are fighting for YOUR business. If you are civic-minded and understand how politics plays a role in your business, consider joining the Local Government Relations Committee or the Local Candidate Recommendation Committee at Bridge AOR.


INVEST: Contribute to the REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF).  RAF raises money to advance the goals of REALTORS® at the local, state, and federal levels.  It also supports candidates for elected office who understand REALTOR® issues.  Contributions at all levels are highly encouraged.  Investing in RAF is investing in the long-term health of our industry.

LGR Committee

The LGR Committee


The Local Government Relations Committee (LGR) is an advisory committee to the board of directors, providing policy positions and a forum for policy development. Local officials – ranging from mayors and council members, city administrators, department heads, business district leaders, architects and planners, and experts in fields relating to real estate – are guests each month.

LGR  takes a proactive role in strengthening the relationships with local government officials while advocating key legislative and regulatory issues that have an impact on the local economy and local businesses.​

We meet on the first Wednesday of the monthEMAIL KIRAN TO JOIN THE COMMITTEE.​


Your Government Affairs Director (GAD) serves as the Bridge Association of REALTORS®' liaison to city government and local elected officials.​

Kiran Shenoy  | Government Affairs Director​ | 510.848.4288




The decisions made by elected officials affect REALTORS®’ lives every day; from the taxes we pay, to the roads we drive on, to the schools our children attend. That‘s why it’s important to participate in the political process and choose elected officials by exercising your right to vote!


Now more than ever, it’s critical for REALTORS® across America to come together and speak with one voice about the stability a sound and dynamic real estate market brings to our communities. From city hall to the state house to the U.S. Capitol, our elected officials are making decisions that have a huge impact on the bottom line of REALTORS® and their customers. Through the support of REALTORS® like you, the REALTOR® Party represents your interests.


The REALTOR® Party is a powerful alliance of REALTORS® and REALTOR® Associations working to protect and promote homeownership and property investment. The REALTOR® Party speaks with one voice to advance candidates and public policies that build strong communities and promote a vibrant business environment.


Register to Vote! Permanent absentee is the easiest way to vote: Your ballot arrives by mail and you vote at your convenience.

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