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Trash seems to be everywhere, and the volume has increased during the pandemic! The CAC is partnering with Untrash the East Bay to do our part to do just that: untrash an area, and then change behavior to solve the trash problem permanently, by changing social norms. We’ll do this while building community, and enjoying a sense of accomplishment!

Founder Stephan Orme and his groups of volunteers have made a significant difference this past year, removing trash from urban areas, parks and homeless encampments. A key aspect of the organization is education, and changing behavior so that once a location is un-trashed, it is likely to stay that way. He has now expanded his vision to Untrash The Planet,, with a goal of building a software platform to help launch 10,000 Untrash Groups around the world.

An especially successful day saw the Untrash team remove 100 cubic yards, that’s ~670 bags, of trash in a single event!

Here are things you can do to join in:

  • Attend an online presentation by founder Stephan Orme on Monday, April 5, starting at 7:30 pm. Learn more about the psychology of trash, about the challenges and successes of this locally-grown project, and the plans to expand this vision to Untrash The Planet, Stephan will be introduced at the Hillside Club by CAC Chair Arlene Baxter. Register here.

  • Join us on Saturday, April 17, at 3:30 pm as we gather as a group to clean an area in North Oakland of trash. We will be guided by founder Stephan Orme. RSVP to the Chair, Arlene Baxter at to join the fun! Responsible kids are very welcome! Some equipment and supplies will be provided.

The Climate Action Committee serves as a Bridge AOR resource, educating and facilitating activities in support of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction for a sustainable low-carbon future.

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