The Good Witch:

6 Tips to Being GREEN This Halloween

Halloween 2020 will definitely be one for the books! With the concurrence of daylight saving time, a full moon, a blue moon, the American Day of the Dead and on a Saturday no less, there is much to be entertained by, observe and celebrate! Even in our new reality of social distancing and the usual public trick-or-treating activities being discouraged, there is much to look forward to and do! Why not celebrate being conscientious with your costumes, candy and crafts this Halloween season, too? Try these ghoulishly green ideas and be a Good Witch this year!

1. Greener Goodies-Make your own savvy sweets, support and shop organic and non-GMO or think outside of the trick-or-treat box and create your own terrifying treasures!

2. Greener Garbs-The only limit here is one's own creativity! Rummage through closets, the give away pile, old costumes, uniforms or clothing to create unique and memorable homemade costumes!

3. Greener Gourds-Find and support your local pumpkin farmer and buy “local”! Use and then recycle your pumpkins and other autumn edibles.

4. Greener Galas-If you have time, make your party frighteningly fantastic with homemade decorations or buy eco friendly decos for that spooky but special fun.

5. Greener Grab Bags-Reuse, renew, recycle and rediscover for your trick-or-treating bag, however you are doing it this year.

6. Greener Gear-Reuse as much as you can from year to year and know that Halloween does not have to end on November 1st. Try these eeko-ideas (get it?) to keep the celebration going!

Want other green ideas? Check out our Climate Action Facebook page and stay connected to a greener way of living for both you and your clients!

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