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Supra Lockbox Keys & iBoxes

Supra has provided key boxes to the real estate industry since 1955, bringing efficiency to real estate professionals and peace of mind to home sellers. The Supra System makes it easy for showing agents to access properties and for listing agents to track activity at client properties.


Purchasing a Key

The Bridge Association of REALTORS® provides a Supra electronic key: the eKEY, an application that runs on your smartphone. The Supra eKEY includes a PIN-code security. The key makes a record each time a key box is opened.

Please read the information below to determine which key you would like to purchase and then contact our office to get started on your key service.

Want to know where you can use your key? Take a look at this map.


Use your smartphone or tablet as your lockbox key. The eKEY application uses your phone's wireless communications so you can do business anywhere. Choose from many different Android™ and Apple phones and tablets.  Devices not on this list may still be compatible, however, user experience may vary.

Two service levels are available: eKEY Basic for common keybox functions, and eKEY Professional which enhances basic capability with adds business tools such as MLS data stored on your phone (eliminating time consuming over-the-air searches), linking the listings to Google maps, and displaying showing details on your phone.


Key Boxes

Supra electronic key boxes have been used on millions of homes. Current models of key boxes can be opened using Bluetooth or infrared signals. Supra's system records events each time a keybox is opened.

The Bridge Association of REALTORS® currently has the iBox BTLE available for purchase. The iBox BTLE uses Bluetooth technology allowing Keyholders to communicate directly with the iBox BTLE without any additional hardware when accessing listing keys.

Contact the association for pricing and availability.


Supra Videos

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