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Sidewalk Repair Ordinances 




Sidewalk Repair Ordinance: The following conditions applying to the requirements of construction and/or repair of sidewalks and driveways within the City as more specifically set forth in other Sections of this Article V of Chapter 18 of the City Code:

  • In conjunction with the sale of the real property.

  • When the real property is developed for any use.

  • In conjunction with the issuance of any permit or aggregate of permits, within the year preceding the date of application, in the amount of $5,000.00 or more on the real property.

  • When the property owner of such real property becomes aware of an unsafe condition on such property.

  • When property owner is notified by the City of an unsafe condition on such property.


For more information contact the Department of Public Works at (510) 420-3050.




Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (T.O.P.A.)

Bridge AOR and its partners were successful in delaying TOPA in committee for the time being. More than 250 Bridge members responded to the Association’s Call For Action, generating over 750 individual emails to Berkeley’s Land Use Committee before the March 18th meeting. 


A few days before the meeting the Mayor’s Office finally published the ordinance. Bridge AOR is busy analyzing the legislation to provide meaningful feedback. The legislation is expected to come back to committee on May 6th, however, there is a possibility that a special meeting will be held before that time. 


Bridge AOR will keep you informed as TOPA moves through the committee process and continue to oppose the legislation.  


Building Energy Saving Ordinance (B.E.S.O.)

Purchase Agreement Addendum Now Available within our members-only section.

You can also access the following below:


  • BESO Presentation Slides

  • City's One Page Time of Listing Update

  • BESO Website


Private Sewer Lateral

Due to precautions over coronavirus/COVID-19, EBMUD may be reducing the availability of PSL inspections.


At this time, all PSL inspections that are shown as available on the calendar can be booked. All previously scheduled PSL inspections will be honored.


All requirements of the Regional Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance remain in effect.


Although plumbers are essential under the 3/31/20 Shelter-in-place Order, EBMUD has offered to review compliance extensions due to COVID-19 related delays in securing a contractor.





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