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The Bridge Association of REALTORS® Podcast: Episode #15 NOW LIVE

Episode #15 - DJ Grubb, Owner And CEO Of The Grubb Co.

Welcome to the Bridge Association of REALTORS® Podcast where we spotlight Bay Area REALTOR® members and affiliates, and share information about how the association can better serve our members. I’m your host, Declan Spring. Today I’m chatting with Donald J Grubb, better known as DJ Grubb, owner and CEO of the Oakland brokerage The Grubb Co.

As a locally owned and fully independent brokerage since 1967, The Grubb Company takes pride in being deeply rooted in its East Bay community, setting a high bar for luxury real estate.

My conversation with DJ centers around his business philosophy that real estate is a people first business. Something he said that really stood out for me is that “it takes everything to make a living in the industry today.”


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