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REQUIRED Code of Ethics Training

Have you completed your required Code of Ethics training?

All members must complete by 12/31/24.

REALTOR® members must complete two and a half (2.5) hours of ethics training, meeting specific learning objectives and criteria, within three (3) year cycles. Mandatory ethics training for REALTOR® members was first established by the NAR Board of Directors at the 1999 Annual Convention and it includes the following objectives:

  • Heighten awareness of the key tenets of the Code of Ethics

  • Appreciation for the role the Code can and should play in professional lives

  • Enhances professionalism and competency

  • Encourages REALTORS® to view their Code of Ethics as a living, viable guide in their daily dealings with clients, customers, and the public

The current cycle will end on December 31, 2024. Future training cycles will be every three (3) years.

For more information on REALTOR® Code of Ethics Training:


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