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New C.A.R. Showing Guidelines (5/26)

Many Bay Area Counties and the City of Berkeley recently issued changes to their Shelter-In-Place Orders.  These changes did not affect the way real estate transactions are to be conducted locally, however, State Guidelines were also recently issued regarding best practices while showing properties.

C.A.R. has developed new Best Practices Guidelines for Real Estate During Covid-19. You are encouraged to use these guidelines to the extent that they do not conflict with local orders.  C.A.R. also advises that the Posted Rules for Entry (PRE) and accompanying Pictogram are displayed at the entrance of the property by Listing Agents.  Listing Agents are also advised to provide a link to the PRE on all online public and MLS listings.   

Because real estate has been essential, real estate offices are at liberty to open. If your office chooses to do so, you must follow the social distancing protocols contained in Appendix A to the Alameda County Order.


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