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Government Affairs Update: Oakland Sidewalk Ordinance

Dear Bridge AOR Members, We have been hearing your concerns about Oakland’s new point of sale Sidewalk Repair Ordinance and share them. We understand that the effective date of the ordinance is posing real problems for Oakland’s buyers and sellers and are working to resolve these issues with the City.  Until last night, Bridge AOR had not been given the final forms or procedures in order to properly inform membership on Oakland's Sidewalk Ordinance. Procedures that the Oakland Department of Transportation have talked about have, thus far, proven to be ineffectual or problematic. As such, there has not been sufficient information or guidance from the City in order to draft an amendment to the Oakland Purchase Agreement Addendum to cover this issue.  Our attorneys have advised us that a temporary disclosure covering this issue should be forthcoming within the next day or two. Buyers and Sellers who are in escrow should be encouraged to consult with a qualified California real estate attorney. We are grateful for your patience as we work to provide you with further guidance and advocate for the City to amend its process.  We will provide you with updates regarding the disclosure and all other information that we receive from the City regarding this ordinance. Please remember to check your email for the “Government Affairs Update - Oakland Sidewalk Ordinance” from Bridge AOR. A link to the City of Oakland’s current point of sale process can be found here. Thank you! Please Contact Bridge AOR's Government Affairs Director with Questions or Comments


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