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Climate Action Corner: Plastic Free July

We’re coming to the end of

Plastic Free July

an international movement that encourages each of us to reduce our use of plastic, especially single-use plastics.

Start this month, then can you continue through August?

How about through the rest of this year?

Every change you make helps. Will you accept the challenge?

Choose to refuse!

We all know that the planet is dealing with tons of discarded plastic that will not break down in our lifetimes. What are you willing to REFUSE to stop the flow of new plastic in your own home?

  • REFUSE new single-use plastics. Seek out non-plastic, compostable alternatives and packaging. Ask your favorite vendors and manufacturers for plastic alternatives, and set an example!

    • avoid anything in plastic clam shells (you cannot recycle them!) Buy unpackaged!

    • switch to bars and concentrates for all manner of cleaning products; don’t pay for expensive water transported in plastic bottles!

    • Look for plastic-free personal care products: refillable shampoos, bamboo toothbrushes, tablets for toothpaste, deodorant packaged in cardboard

  • Buy in bulk, bringing your own reusable containers to stores as allowed.

  • Give plastic-alternatives as gifts to clients.

  • Bring your own food containers/utensils to restaurants, also as allowed. Ask when you can bring your items, and you might be surprised! The law now allows you to bring your own bags.

  • For more tips for getting plastic out of your life, visit this handy guide from our local Ecology Center.

Learn about PFAS! Watch this video packed with information about what you can do to refuse harmful PFAS, the Forever Chemicals found in non-stick, water-resistant products, as well as in many cosmetics and building supplies! Watch the two Arlene Bs:

Arlene Blum, Chemist and Exec. Director of the Green Science Policy Institute, moderated by Arlene Baxter, Chair of our Climate Action Committee:


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