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Climate Action Corner: Here Comes the Sun! A workshop exploring residential Solar

Here Comes the Sun! A workshop exploring residential Solar, plus battery backup systems

Wednesday, September 23, 12 pm – 1 pm A Zoom Webinar

Have you or your clients considered home solar + battery backup but don’t know where to start or think it’s just too expensive? Join us for a conversation with industry experts to learn more about how these systems can benefit you, and be a part of our community’s resilience plan.

Don’t be left in the dark! ! Learn how installing a home solar + battery backup system allows you or your clients to save money by storing the solar energy you produce and using it when rates are highest. And, you’ll be prepared for potential rolling blackouts and PG&E grid outages during wildfire season, heat waves, earthquakes, and other unpredictable events.

What questions will be addressed:

  • How does a solar + battery backup system work?

  • What attributes does my home need to have to be a candidate for solar, plus battery backup

  • How do I select an installer and what should I look for in their proposal?

  • What rebates and incentives are available? ex. Federal ITC, East Bay Community Energy’s Resilient Home program, SunShares and others

Our presenters include: Bhima Sheridan, a CAC member from District Homes, and previous solar engineer

Jean Woo, a Director of NorCALSolar, nonprofit education trade association

Jessie Denver, Distributed Energy Resources Program Manager, EBCE

(East Bay Community Energy) and a member of the SunShares team

Have questions you’d like our panelists to be sure to address? Send them to the CAC Chair, Arlene Baxter, Our Climate Action Committee thanks our Committee Sponsors: Peter Barnes of RPM and Paul Barraza, JMC Building Inspection Services Register here. Your clients are welcome as well!


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