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Climate Action Corner: Earth Day Action Guide

How will you help Celebrate Earth Day Each and Every Day?! Your Climate Action Committee Earth Day Action Guide

April 22 marks the 52nd Anniversary of the original Earth Day. The 2022 theme is Invest in Our Earth, and your Bridge Association Climate Action Committee urges you to take a pause and consider ways in which you as an individual, as a Realtor, and as a community member can help invest in Mother Earth! Your Climate Action Committee has agreed to participate in the Great Global Cleanup, a worldwide campaign to remove billions of pieces of trash from neighborhoods, beaches, rivers, lakes, trails, and parks — reducing waste and plastic pollution, improving habitats, and preventing harm to wildlife and humans. This program aims to continue clean ups every day of the year for a brighter, greener, and cleaner planet. Where will you fit into the story of beautifying our world?

—Our Committee will be gathering on Saturday, April 16th at 9:30 to join a habitat restoration project in conjunction with the Audubon Society. We’ll be in a beautiful setting with views of the water at the MLK Shoreline. We would be delighted to have you join us! Contact Chair Arlene Baxter at if you or your family members would like to signup to participate. —We suggest that you take advantage of a great offer from REI, in conjunction with the CA State Parks: sign up for a FREE Earth Day Clean Up Kit: Your FREE Earth Day kit will be available to pick up at your selected REI store starting April 1. Each kit will include gloves, a compostable trash bag, a coupon from our friends at REI, an exclusive Earth Day Climate Action sticker, and all the information you need to clean up litter in your local community. —Then mark your calendars for Wednesday April 27th at noon, when your Climate Action Committee will host the monthly Power Hour with a dynamic speaker who will give you and your clients a game plan for how to Get Off Your Gas! "How to Have It Fast and Easy, Retro Fabulous or Future Fit" by Sean Armstrong, Electrification Design Lead and Partner at Redwood Energy. This will be a free Zoom presentation, and Sean is a wonderful resource who has inspired and helped hundreds of homeowners make the switch from fossil fuels to clean, safe and sustainable electricity. Join us on the 27th to be inspired!

There are many ways to Invest in Our Earth! Check out what you can do in your home town, or through local organizations, to make a difference.

Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour

Virtual events will be held on April 16 and 17, while in-person tours will be held on April 30 and May 1. Celebrate the 18th annual Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour online and in-person this year. In a series of live garden visits, passionate garden owners and talented designers of the Bay Area's beautiful landscapes will show us what's happening in their gardens, feature their favorite native plants, and discuss native plant gardening tools and resources. Learn more about the tour here.

2022 East Bay Green Home Tour

Saturday & Sunday, May 14 & 15, 2022, 10:00AM – 1:00PM

How are East Bay residents adapting their homes to combat climate change, improve air quality, generate clean energy, and move towards a safer, greener future? The virtual East Bay Green Home Tour features short video tours of 12 local homes, followed by live Q&As with the homeowner or tenant. The tour will feature an all-new lineup of people, homes, and situations, plus helpful resources and ideas. Register and learn more at

The tour is coordinated by Verdant Communications in partnership with the City of Berkeley’s Office of Energy & Sustainable Development and the Ecology Center. Last year we participated in the online version of this wonderful Green Home Tour, and produced a video busting myths about induction cooktops. You can view that here, featuring our Chair Arlene Baxter interviewing Chef Rachelle, an Induction Cooktop Pro!

StopWaste Virtual Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Month this year, StopWaste is partnering with cities and partners for a series of events throughout the month. Whether you're interested in a workshop about how to electrify your home, reduce wasted food, or build healthy soil, there's something here for everyone! Learn more at!

Energy Upgrade California

Energy Upgrade California is a statewide initiative committed to helping Californians be more energy efficient, utilize more sustainable natural resources, reduce demand on the energy grid and make informed choices about their energy use at home and at work. All Californians can help protect the natural beauty of our state for future generations by taking small steps to use energy more wisely every day. Find out what you can do to help California #KeepItGolden at!

The Earth Day Network

The Earth Day Network is a nonprofit organization with a mission to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. The Earth Day Network website offers a wide array of educational materials and activities for Earth Day 2022.

Together we can indeed Invest in Our Earth! Please do what you can...the Earth is the only home we have!


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