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Captain Ersie Joyner in stable condition: How to Help

On behalf of the Bridge Association of REALTORS® staff and leadership, we wish to extend our support and voice of optimism to the Joyner Family during this difficult time. As you may know, retired Captain Ersie Joyner and husband of Deidre Joyner (Red Oak Realty) was involved in a gas station shooting in Oakland several days ago.

Our prayers are with the Family with the following statement provided “Ersie is in stable condition, surrounded by his family, friends and colleagues. Due to the sensitivity of the situation and the ongoing investigation, we ask that you give Deidre and her family their privacy and most importantly, their space, to commit to Ersie's recovery. If you would like to show your support in more tangible ways, gift cards for food and other conveniences would be appreciated.

We know Ersie as an incredible father, husband, son, friend and servant to our community. His 28 years in the Oakland Police Department and commitment to this city in the prevention of violence and the care of its citizens has been beyond remarkable. He is a strong and capable man, but right now he can use your prayers and positive energy for his recovery.”

Thank you,

Jeffrey Neidleman, President Bridge Association of REALTORS®

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