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bridgeMLS Rule Change: Days on Market

Update message: Beginning August 1, 2020, the option to request the "New" status for a Temporarily Withdrawn listing will expire. Any listings with the "Temporarily Withdrawn" status will require users to select "Back on Market" or "Active" status if the property is returning on market.

For any questions, please contact bridgeMLS Compliance at

bridgeMLS Participants/Subscribers,

Due to the Shelter in Place Order from local counties, bridgeMLS Board of Directors have established a temporary MLS rule change.

If you placed your listing in “Temporary Withdrawn” status on or after Monday, March 9, 2020 (where the listing contract is still valid, but the property is not being actively marketed) so it does not accrue DOMLS or CDOMLS, we will allow you to email us a request to have that listing marked as “New” once the listing has been changed back to any Active status.

Please note that the “New” status will not change, or zero-out, or “reset” the Days on MLS(DOM) or Cumulative Days on MLS(CDOMLS) counter on listings. Using “Temporary Withdrawn” will stop DOMLS and CDOMLS from incrementing.

Also, please be aware that placing a listing “Temporary Withdrawn” will not stop all third-party sites (such as Zillow, Redfin, etc) from incrementing their days on market count on listings that they have already received, as many of these sites and portals calculate “days on site” or “days on market” according to their own systems. bridgeMLS has no control over that.

For any questions, please contact

Thank you,

DaVina Lara, CEO


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