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A Letter to our Membership

To All My Fellow REALTORS® and Members of the Bridge Association of REALTORS®;

I don’t need to tell you that these are difficult times. We have all been living and trying to work under the strictures of Shelter-in-Place.

I have felt the pain of those of you who have called me, in the emails I have received and the texts I have answered. I am a REALTOR® too, so I know firsthand what we all are going through.

This reminds me of those nights in 2008 when I would lie in bed awake, unable to sleep, wondering what had happened? What am I going to do next? The desperation was overwhelming. What I didn’t know then. What I know now is that there is a family of REALTOR® you can reach out to.

Those you work with, we who are all around you, understand what you are going through. We are living it too, and there is comfort and support all around you. Do not just keep to yourself. Share your anxiety, fear of the unknown, with your REALTOR® Family. It helps, it heals. We cannot solve all your problems, but just talking and listening can clear your mind, help you see a future.

Become involved, see if any of your neighbors need help, or just someone to check in on them.

Our offices are closed, but we at Bridge Association of REALTORS® are still working every day helping our membership and getting ready for the day this is all over, that day will come. Together we can all get there.

Thank you,

Eric Wong, President


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