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2022 Board of Directors Election Results

Dear Bridge AOR Members,

The Nominating Committee's candidates for this coming year's Board of Directors and Officers vacancies, which were sent to all members eligible to vote on May 5, 2021, were uncontested. Accordingly, I have complied with my obligation as Chief Executive Officer pursuant to Article X, Section 5(f) of the Association's Bylaws and cast an unanimous ballot declaring the nominees duly elected. They are as follows:

2022 President: Janine Hunt, BHG RE Reliance Partners 2022 President-Elect: Felicia Mares, Abio Properties 2022 Treasurer: Lisa Dukellis-Mitchener, Dukellis Real Estate

Director (2022 - 2024): Michael Bardales, Radius Agent Realty

Director (2022 - 2024): Patricia Bennett, Compass

Director at Large (2022 - 2023): Jordan Lento, Red Oak Realty


DaVina Lara, CEO


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